Deathwatch: Suffer Not the Xenos to Live

5475th day of service

Today marks the 5,475th day upon Watch Station Erioch. In what little spare time I have had between tending to the God Emperor’s Angels, performing the rite of purification upon their blessed wargear, and prayer to the God Emperor of MankindI have made become close with 2 of my fellow surfs; Yuri Fythe and Bulgaruk Fouson. Yuri Fythe assumed his duties here about the same time as I did. He is my senior by 38 days. He is somewhat of a prodigy in regards to his ability to sanctify The Angel of Death’s armor, though he would never boast of his talent. Bulgaruk is relatively new having only served for 2,555 days. He hails from a world who’s entire population is honored and solely dedicated to the proper upkeep of His Angel’s blessed wargear. He has trained for this and nothing else his entire life.

Upon the eve of the 5,431st day Yuri Fythe was plucked from his duties by One of the newly honored Astartes, Brother Gabriel of The Blood Angels, Guardian of the Golden Angel, his most esteemed Honor Guard. It was his great fortune to be chosen, personally, by the beautiful Blood Angel. Tales travel far and wide of the nobility, culture, and grace of the most dedicated of Astartes Chapters. I have personally laid eyes upon the sons of Sanguinus and they are indeed angelic, more so then any other I have seen.

At first my friend could not contain his excitement, behind closed doors of course. To touch the armor of a Guardian to Dante himself. It would fulfill a life’s goal. But as the days past my friend seems in more dour spirits. When I asked him why he was no longer in a state of utter elation he had simply shrugged and moved on to daily prayer. Bulgaruk and I were shocked but continued in our duties. We hypothesized that perhaps our friend had made a critical error when tending to his duties that brought shame upon him. Bulgaruk even gave voice stating he would throw himself off the tower of judgement should he fall upon such a failing of duty.

The days moved to weeks and Surf Fythe become more despondent, our words not seeming to even reach him. When I confronted him physically he stated in a soul crushed tone, “I have no time for this, I must deliver this… message to Catrina of Bacunawa squad.” I had become very worried for my friend.

Since the departure of Kill Team Trail Blazer my friend Fythe has started to become his old self again. He has taken to spending his free time in the armories where he would lovingly tend to the machine spirits. This time among the Angel’s armor has truly refreshed his downtrodden spirits. It is good to to have my friend back again.

The 5,474th day marked the return of the Kill Team Trail Blazer. I was with Fythe in the armory enjoying a story when we received word of their victorious arrival. He stopped in mid polish of a breast plate and stared blankly for nearly a minute before falling back into his malaise. He has not been his old self since. Their return has had much more dire circumstances however.

Bulgaruk, who has trained his entire life to become a serf who would serve an Astartes had been trying to draw the attention of any of the Battle Brothers of Kill Team Trail Blazer since their arrival as all other Kill Teams have their rosters fulfilled. Trail Blazer would likely be the last team accepting serfs for our foreseeable lifetime. Meeting the mighty Astartes at the loading dock to anticipate their needs, the team arrived with a stranger. A man from the planet Baraban stationed to the Imperial Guard unit, The Mortessan Highlanders.

It is a serious offense to bring anyone not cleared to this most hidden of stations so it was questioned by the Apothecary seeing to their arrival. When asked the mighty Blood Angel Garbriel, chosen of Dante, and Bearer of the Word of Truth, stated, “Ah, this is, what’s your name? Cromwell. Yes, this is Cromwell, my new helmet bearer!” On the 5,475th day of service here my friend Bulgaruk threw himself off the Tower of Judgment. Today I celebrate my 15th year of service alone.



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