Deathwatch: Suffer Not the Xenos to Live

Gabriels veiws on space and Psycers.

After a glorious slaughter of xeno filth in space, we had a moments pause for the teams lady human psycher to visit her powers upon us. Our apothecary had been assigned to another mission and our Watch Captain expressed the psycher strength would be of such power our wounds would heal instantly. I have witness and felt this power of the psycher before, usually with some strange consequence in the area. Though consequences is what follows great power some of the manifestations from the warp she can call have been odd at its best. With that said, she tended to my wound yet not with the full power I have grown accustomed to. It was gentle power, controlled power and when I looked at her with shock she simply stated she wanted to be careful with her powers, did not want any accidents.

WHY! Were in space!

Of all places to hold back power space is not it. I have seen full power used in populated area’s, fragile places and even dangerous places!

I know your thinking space station, space ship, surely not floating around in space, unprotected by ship or field, just freely floating in space?! Yes this is the space I refer to, filled with stars, no air and gravity gone, me her and space!

Gabriel where would you like to fight a demon!? In space! If the psycers head were to exploded into a demon, great! This is where I want to fight him. If she tore a whole in the fabric of reality, awesome! I want to fight them here. There is no better environment then space to face demons. I have air they do not, do they need air? maybe not. They do need gravity and I win there. Hello demon, oh your floating away, growl, growl, growl all you want!. Look at me I can grab you and spin you around. You going to flap your wings evil demon, go ahead you are not going anywhere. Flap and spin in circles. Oh, demon choke on the cold of space. A bloodthirster in space, have you seen anything more funny!?

I have seen her power kill all plant life in an area, there is no plant life in space! Go full power!

I have seen her power make statues cry blood, in space no on will notice. It be like snowflakes and who doesn’t like that. Perfect bloodly snowflakes.

Make the sky black? Well it is already black in space. More Power!!! Make the space station a strange color, well that wont hurt me or it.




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