Deathwatch: Suffer Not the Xenos to Live

Gabriel's week as a Vegan.

My mission diet consisted of lichen, and colored lichen. I will state that the plants upon the mission target world where all connected as a giant living force. To die and feed another plant, and grow again stronger. The plants where not hostile, they did not attack other life forms. The plant life had little in the way of defense, no sharp thorns or acidic ichor. The plants strength was simply in its ability to grow again. It could lose a thousand acres of life yet the world would not feel the scar for long.

Combat would come and scar the land yet by the next day all signs where grown over once again. Nature returned its own balance, a world that would not surrender to any ill effect. With great zeal I part took in this foliage, devouring it by the pounds. I could feel the regenerative properties of the plants, yet a plain boring taste.

Nothing I have ever tasted could taste so bland. No amount of spice could repair the dull of the foliage. Even thinking upon the topic of this food has drained me of any enthusiasm. I retire this issue……

In the end, can vegetarians eat animal crackers?


Next Week: Guardsmen Hot Dogs…

Gabriel's week as a Vegan.

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