Deathwatch: Suffer Not the Xenos to Live

Mission 3

training, embarkation, and decoyed.

M41 1265.35.
Team cohesion exercises at DW Fortress result in a deeper understanding and clarification of command structures and communication protocols within the kill-team.
Team designation change request submitted.
The kill team embarks on a mission to retrieve a magos from Seraph141.
Upon real space re-entry we are intercepted by high authority Inquisitional agents carrying the seal of approval of DW High Command. (based on the scrutiny our team gave the orders I am pleased to see that we are not too trusting, yet see the lack of familiarity with high command seals as a weakness that should quickly be expunged)
I conceal my disappointment that I will not earn a further boon with the followers of the machine god when it becomes apparent that the mission parameters were a decoy to ensure total secrecy in our REAL mission:
Safeguard a ranking diplomat during his mission to the Tau empire and support kill team Occulus (incl. Black shield Librarian Epistolary Eustace) in their hunt for renegades and heretics.
We are taking advantage of ample stores in this flotilla to rearm and equip for the new mission parameters.



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