Deathwatch: Suffer Not the Xenos to Live

Seraph 131

Negotiations concluded

We faced the remnants of the Stigmartus cultists and obliterated them. The final blow was hollow as Nexus alerted us to the foul heresy that was in process: a ritual to we-know-not what end… to avoid playing into the enemy’s hands we apprehended the leader and after much questioning and debate finally submitted him to the custody of Brother Epistolary Eustace and his black priests.
Meanwhile the feint was complete and four VIIIth traitorous scum legionnaires struck at the facility to destroy the Plenipotentiary and the negotiation process. Brother Ian did his duty valiantly: the Plenipotentiary lived to conclude the diplomatic process and two of the scum traitors were destroyed. The two others escaped to lick their wounds and likely report their failures to whomever might be their master..
Inasmuch as we have maintained secrecy from other Imperial bodies it seems that these heretics and traitors knew of the site before our arrival or they could not have traveled there so quickly, particularly with the limited tech they were using.
After negotiations concluded and we parted ways with the xenos diplomatic force, we returned to the Towering Herald and enjoy a blessedly quiet journey back to the Watch Fortress.



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