Deathwatch: Suffer Not the Xenos to Live

The Divinations and Auguries of Agent Nexus

Can't you look into the future? -- It doesn't work like that.

Augury on the Towering Herald Light Cruiser, before warp translation to Seraph III

Subject: LiVii

Question: “What challenges to our mission do we face in regards to Team Occulus?”

- A vision of a swamp full of indistinguishable corpses with Brother LiVii in the midst. There are tracer lines of a light, ethereal quality leading to impressions and images of team members, afar. A shadow descends on a nearby clearing as team Occulus advances forward with a line of black fog billowing behind them. A swarm of bats burst upwards from the swamp and surround LiVii.

- Team Occulus is indicated as a hindrance along with the black fog following them. The bats are LiVii’s doom…but the trace lines to his team are his greatest advantage.

- “The black rain will foretell the arrival of the enemy”

Augury on the Towering Herald Light Cruiser, before warp translation to Seraph III

Subject: Ian Kaldaros


Augury on the Eternal Vigilance Friggit, before warp jump

Subject: Althea Nexus

Question: “What dangers will be faced on the long warp journey to the Iron Collar?”

- A great obstacle will be cloaked figures meeting. Covert operations….

- There is a vision of a flaming “I” symbol. A likeness to the symbol of the Inquisition. There is also a general feeling and concept translated as “An impatience to act”.

- A boon and advantage revealed is the image of a black clad Space Marine Librarian with a black shield sigil.

Augury on the Eternal Vigilance Friggit, before warp jump

Subject: Captain of the Eternal Vigilance, Red Hunter Chapter

Question: “What is the fate of my ship on this journey?”

- A foreboding feeling regarding the ship’s fate involves the image of an Imperial Commander with a retinue of all black clad soldiers.

- Challenges to the ship’s void travel later in the journey brings up an image of a Tao Commander with Crisis suits and Fire Caste warriors. Brevi and Gabriel also appeared as challenges to the journey.

- A boon and advantage to this ship brought up the image of an older man, finely attired and of great stature. He has a finely trimmed mustache and beard and is pouring over dataslates.

Augury on Baraband, in the dark field

Subject: Ian Kaldaros

Question: “What challenges will we face ahead on this mission?”

- An image of a Tao Commander sitting across a chessboard from Ian Kaldaros. A matching of movements.

- A sequence of a group of Tao guards fighting in retreat from a group of frenzied Kroot. They were protecting an Ethereal who was transporting a cut slab from one of the black arches.

- “Trust yourself to know when a friend is an enemy and an enemy is a friend.”


As expected the clarity of sanctioned divination only comes after the fact. What was seen as a threat to me was not to my body but to my mind. The cold fury that burns within nears critical mass now that I have seen an VIIIth legion traitor. Thank the Throne that brother Gabriel was there to engage or I would have surely abandoned my duty to team Occulus to hunt down the bastard. Occulus was indeed an obstacle to my vengeance. The Machine Father guided my inclinations when I armed for the mission: I am certain that the kraken bolts I embedded in the traitor’s helmet gave brother Gabriel the advantage he needed to finish the job.
Moreover there was indeed a strange rain storm that preceded the arrival of the Stigmartes cultists. It seems that some divinations are actually literal. Filing..
LiVii. Xth. Deathwatch.


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