Chaplain Drakaus

Erioch Chaplain


Often noted for his severe outlook, Chaplain Drakaus does not tolerate deviance or signs of weakness. He has a tendency to stand apart from his fellow Marines, chastising them for even the slightest failure or breach of protocol. Fervently believes that even the smallest of infractions can create a chink in the amour of faith that protects his wards. Battle Brothers rarely seek out Chaplain Drakaus for his words of wisdom, or for his counsel, knowing they are far more likely to be chastised for a perceived weakness than to be given sage advice. The commanders of Erioch, however, know that Drakaus is unfailing in his hunt for weakness and heresy. He is counted on to detect even the slightest hint of xenos corruption when Kill Teams return from missions.


Chaplain Drakaus

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