Commissar Jessenia Able

Commissar tasked with training Vathor Penal Legion


Commissar Jessenia Able has been assigned to the Savlar Chem Dogs, a notorious penal legion, for nearly two decades. It was her impeccable record in service with the Chem Dogs that got her assigned to Vathor, where the Crusade is hoping to create a waypoint to quickly turn around seditionists from the Canis Salient into Penal Legionnaires.

Though her abilities as a Commissar are not lacking, her ability to deal with the recalcitrant Warden Atraxis is quickly wearing on her patience. What should be a simple assignment requiring little more than her unwavering faith and her iron discipline, is rapidly devolving into a war of attrition with the intricacies of Imperial bureaucracy.

Unfortunately for the Commissar, the Warden is not a part of the Munitorium, and thus it is not within her purview to summarily execute him for what she perceives as dereliction of duty at worst, pure oafish incompetence at best.


Commissar Jessenia Able

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