- Arrival Log. Today the trials have been completed, trivial would be the only words to describe their difficulty. I understand that some Brothers may have found aspects difficult, though these would not be do to the challenge itself but instead the flaws inherit to their chapters. Though should I call them flaws, for those are the words of the Inquisition. Instead I should state these differences between the chapters as unique distinctions reflective of their worlds, environments and beliefs. Mines are simply better.

- Painting of the Armor Log. Today they painted our most regal armors black. I hide my hate, disdain, and disgust for this ritual. I notice the pride on the faces of my brothers I will serve with in my watch, could they see my disgust for the black? This color ever a reminder of the loss of sanity that will effect me one day, a loss of honor. How could they know what it is like to lose ones mind, have all will power lost, to lust for blood. This color is an insult.

*- The claws of the Inquisition. The Inquisition has looked at my chapter for a thousand years as impure, untrustworthy and with goals of purging us. We have given no reason, other then we know the truth of the Inquisition. A husk of corruption, personal greed and clawed hands stealing for power. Those at the highest places in the Inquisition know what we do, the Emperor is awakening and when he does, our chapter will be his honor guard and will cut out all the corruption from the domain of man before the final crusader be launched. Now the inquisition breeds deep into the Death Watch and the Citadel, before you would never see a human in company of our battle brothers, now missions are led by them. Even open members of the inquisition have the oddity to lead and command battle brothers. I wonder where my brothers pride has gone?

*-The plan of the Inquisition. The Inquisition fears all my brothers, of all chapters. We are the only force to protect humanity from them. The Inquisition goal has been long planned, and long in action. They intend to remove many of the first foundlings as they know when the emperor calls we will have no doubt in faith and will do as he speaks. Already the inquisition tried to bring its wraith to the sons of Fenrirs and even look at our fellow angels. Both accounts the inquisition has been set back, not failed, just delayed. They will try again and again. The inquisition looks at us still. Now they will take the Citadel, the home of the deathwatch for they want its power. Soon there will be no battle brothers, only the lackeys of corruption.


Deathwatch: Suffer Not the Xenos to Live jonpaulnery