Ian Kaldaros

Duty and Honor


Acheros Salient
System Pyrathas
Planet Pyrathas Prime
Operation: Golden Light
Objective: Break the green horde assaulting military complex designation Adamant Station

Personal Log Debrief:
After breaking out of warp into the extremities of the Pyrathas system we have met with heavy resistance. The entire system appears to swarm with the foul ork. Regardless the righteous Battle Barge His Beacon and our strike cruisers have spear headed their way through the resistance leaving a wake for the transport flotillas to follow. III boarding and VI repelling actions were performed successfully on our way to Pyrathas Prime. I must admit, the ork actions have been quite contradictory to their usual methodology. They have always shown an ill conceived cunning but in dealing with them on these skirmishes they have displayed focus and tactics.

Rally Point
As the noble Blood Angles were the first to arrive in system it is their command that has chosen the rally point, The Chapel of Caligula. This rally point would serve as the first join operation for the III chapters and help to hone unity among our soliders. A sort of testing ground to put it plainly. After unanticipated set backs the operation met with overwhelming success destroying all ork influence upon the deep seeded space station. With the fortification of The Chapel of Caligula the strike force mobilized for the assault upon Pyrathas space.

Break Through
The Assault on Pyratha was fierce. Never before have I seen the orks display such tenacious doggedness. Their numbers seem to be endless and to hold a defensive position is quite literally impossible. Luckily, we have no such orders. Our objective was to smash aside any and all that would prevent drop pod deployment to Pyrathas’ surface and despite ork resistance, the strike force did just that.

Planet Fall
Though at a cost nearly 800 Adeptus Astartes have landed in the drop zone designated Magus Encarmine. In actuality this drop zone consisted of several high profile ork targets clustered in a relatively close proximity. The ork thought their supply line safe due to the quantity of defenses in the Magus Encarmine zone. Perhaps this new found strategy has fogged their judgment or belied their pride. There is nothing I can conjure that is immune to the join efforts of 800 Astartes save the heart of Terra.

Hammer and Anvil
The join operations have went smoothly. We have obliterated ork supply lines, munitions, and strongholds leaving their marching armies exposed and vulnerable. The Space wolves have tarried the main body of the invasion force inbound to Adamant Station. They lure the orks to the anvil that is the Ice Talon forces. Once completely engaged the main body of Space Wolfs will engage ork skirmishing units while the noble Blood Angles become the hammer of wrath and descend upon the green skins putting an end to their wonton chaos.

New Orders
Upon the destruction of the main ork force that threatened Adamant Station the strike force units rapidly redeployed. I found my unit had different orders however. We were to hold up a defensive position at Colony 67. Having studied Pyrathas’ defenses to the minutia I must admit I was at a loss as to why we would be deployed to such a location. I would find out later and morn the loss of my great friend and mentor Brother Sergeant Lycos.

Acheros Salient
System Pyrathas
Planet Pyrathas Prime
Operation: Purge and Sanctify
Objective: +++Extended Operations+++ Destroy the remaining ork forces on and around Pyrathas, Latos, and Delphos.

Only in death does duty end.
The spine of the enemy has been broken on Pyrathas but there is more work to do. These green skins continue to spread their wonton destruction across the planet surface and its moons. A contingent of Ice Talons has been requested to join in seek and destroy operations. I have volunteered as well as a number of my brethren and a hand full of space wolfs to fulfill this role.

We the few
As there are few of who have remained each Ice Talon shall act as rallying and operational commander. I have been tasked with elements of the 402nd Fulsilers and the local PDF. This combined operation will take us into the Pericles High Lands. There we shall fortify the crags and prepare for the Ork host to be driven into our defenses.

The Sisters
The Pericles High Lands have been scoured and cleared of all Xenos activity. The few remaining points of contention upon the planet have been relegated to two primary zone and must now endure a rain of artillery that will wither them to mulch. As those last vestiges of resistance are eliminated we move to Delphos and then Latos.

The past year has pasts as if it was a day. We have driven back the xenos from here and there, uprooting their strong holds and stomping upon the insects that scurry out. It has been mindless work for the most part. It seems the initial cunning this foe possessed at the onset of this campaign is now severely diminished. It has made dispatching these foul barbarians all that much easier. We move onto the final leg of this mission, Latos.

We have arrived upon Latos and begun our operation with all haste. In the thick of a fire fight between my contingent of guardsman and an Ork motor division I was “introduced” to an agent Siphon, who claimed to be the arm of an Inquisitor stationed there. He wished to speak to me immediately. Despite this, Siphon’s threats and pleas I went on with my mission and eliminated the supply depot the Orks had been using to fuel the monstrosities they called machines. Upon my return I was greeted personally by the Inquisitor, a rather prickly affair. I am uncertain if he had ever dealt with an Astartes before but I must say I was somewhat taken aback by his manor though I did not show it. In summary he wished to take me from my mission at hand and use my skills to combat an even more devious foe as he put it. I admit the evidence he showed was damning. Jurisdiction, pride, ego, when weighed against the safety and security of the Emperor’s domain they mean nothing. And so I heard out this Inquisitor named Pelligan and personally escorted his enclave into a den of vipers.

Den of Vipers
There is no curse in any tongue that can adequately envelop the pain and suffered that should fall upon the shoulders of a heretic. Indeed a cult existed on Latos. These miscreants had taken advantage of the Ork invasion and were attempting to seize power in the chaos. In the catacombs of the Church of His Holy Light we found them. Loathsome, sick of body and mind these deviants fell upon us. Mutates, witches, and hideous half man half serpent things came at us from all directions. I thank the emperor that the challenged set in my past had given me the clarity to see past foolish pride and aid this Inquisitor for his doom would have been upon him had I not been there. And the horror of what was brooding in the catacombs of that church would have gone on unchecked, undiscovered and hatched I know not upon the Emperor’s Realm.

Duty Resumes
My limited time spent with the Inquisitor was interesting. I can affirm that their duty is sacred and even in times of complete war their vigilance is needed to root out that which is not in plain sight. The Emperors blessing upon he for the noble and unsung works he performs. After his need for my arm was done we parted ways as allies and I swore to him should he ever need my aid again and I were in a position to offer it free of oath then he has to but call my name. The old man smiled at that. That smile told me this would not be the last I saw of inquisitor Pelligan.

Acheros Salient
System Karlak
Planet Karlak Prime
Operation: Angelis Spear
Objective: Destroy the Ork Dreadnought Designation Fang Tooth

In the wake of the behemoth
We have made all speed to regroup with the forces that have engaged Waaaagh Mangler. It has been nearly a year and I shutter to think of the toll it has cost my brothers. Closing the distance to the embroiled war zone that is now the Karlak system we have passed countless imperial vessels. Ghost ships, the drifting dead. The destruction caused by this waaaagh is unfathomable. I am assured only by the fact that still we fight. Despite all that the enemy has done the Imperium of Man persists. We shall take this punishment and return it in kind.

Into the Maw
We have rallied with our brethren outside of the immediate war zone. While the Orks led by War Lord Mangler himself are engaged with the myriad of defenses within the Iron Collar we join forces with the Templars and the Nova marines for precision strike into the heart of their flag ship, Fang Tooth. Our techmarines assure us that despite the titanic size of this vessel there are ways to cripple or even destroy it. One thing is certain, it is unlikely possible to destroy this vessel from the outside. The ship itself has a shell comprised of miles of rock and if I am not mistaken, other capital vessels. This will be an interesting challenge indeed.

Belly of the Beast
I am not often stunned. It is a gift I suppose. That day I was stunned. The size of Fang Tooth is unprecedented. It is by no exaggeration, the size of a moon. In all my days as a loyal servant of the Emperor I have never seen such a foul den of xenos wrought depravity. During our path of destruction I dawned a holo recording glyph and have studied our raid daily. I have managed to map out ¼ of the tunnels we fought through. Even after careful study I have only successfully identified a hand full of ork structures and their function.

We obliterated all that we came into contact with. My siege group was tasked with the destruction of the energy pylons to their starboard weapons battery. With Brother Tolmatus’ expertise we unleashed a chain reaction that tore through over 6 miles of power relays. It was but a dent, but with the combined efforts of the Nova Marines, Black Templars, and a surprise visit by the sons of Russ we successfully shut down the broad sides. As we withdrew from the vessel we watched as the combined might of 4 battle barges unleashed upon the beasts flank unhindered by return fire. It shuttered from the destruction wrought upon its shell and within minutes more chain reactions bloomed upon its side.

The Nova Marines are truly masters of astral combat. It was their ingenious plan that lured so many ork vessels to the defense of their mother ship, only to be greeted by its exploding flank. Debris the size of capitals ships was sent in all directions ravaging the savage orks and protecting our escape vector.

We had struck a blow to the goliath, but it would take five more days of hit and runs before we could cripple enough systems to go in for the kill. Nearly 500 Astartes died in boarding actions alone. But in the end, the ship was hulked. A new moon for Karlack Prime.

Orpheus Salient
System Aurum
Planet Aurum Prime
Operation: Burning Soil
Objective: Remove the threat to the Promethium reserves of Aurum

The Aftermath
The destruction of Fang Tooth coincided with the termination of the Ork Warlord Mangler. I believe it was this that broke the enemy’s resolve. The effect was instantaneous and their losses terrible. Karlack has been saved, but the rest of the xenos forces must be routed. I have been dispatched with a tactical unit to pursue War Lord Kuller to the remote planet of Aurum to help secure the promethium reserves located there.

The Natives
I was surprised to find not only the lack of intelligence on this planet but also to find that it is the home of the Aurum Lions of the Adeptus Astates. They have been ravaged by the Ork menace that tore through the Orpheus Salient and are in dire straights. We have received word from the native inhabits of this planet that a sacred ritual involving their initiates has been disrupted by the xenos and the next generation of Lions is under threat. This cannot happen. We shall not let it happen.

Rolling Scourge
Our squad has destroyed the ork encampment and released the initiates from what would have been a gruesome fate. Even after such torturous events these human were unbowed and unbroken and joined us in taking the fight to the xenos. They will make fine astartes and do their chapter proud. We obliterated the orks lines rolling them back across the Aurum landscape. The 716th Cumberlands and the native Carnodon riders were instrumental in allowing my squadron to maximize its strategic potential. The orks have been cut off from their supply lines, have no ground to go to, and have little ammunition left to retaliate with. The savages are in their final death throes. Soon they shall be not but dust.

We have finished our campaign on Aurum. The Ork menace here has met its end. A victory celebration has been held in honor of the glorious dead. I find Aurum customs to have bizarre similarities to my own. I received my new orders after the celebration. I am to enter under Special Condition and act as a lone operative. I am to relocate to the Canis Salient and make contact with the operative Obsidian Lantern.

This place
After months of warp travel I have arrived in the Canis Salient. I know not if it is due to the lack of sleep in our warp travels or my troubled dreams. Or perhaps it is just this place but simply crossing over into the Territory known as the Canis Salient has put me on edge. Everyone aboard the The Kingsman is in a dour mood as well. I have heard rumor of Lord Militant’s insane paranoia and it feels that is has effected the entire salient. I look forward to getting my feet upon solid ground and doing my duty once again.

I have met with the operative known as Obsidian Lantern. I do not know what I was expecting, but I can say I did not expect an Astartes. He was an (Redacted) Forge Master of acclaim, (Redacted). I recall some of his deeds from the (Redacted) history but he had left to aid the Inquisition years before I had been assigned to Icarian Vrall’s command. Two things that struck me the most about him was his armor and the company he kept.

His plate was perhaps the most sophisticated artificer armor I have ever laid eyes upon. And his entourage, all humans, bore more of a resemblance to the members of Pelligan’s retinue then (Redacted) that I would expect to accompany him. A woman, delicate of frame, some kind of mechanicus scatarii, a sniper clad in a synth suit with cameoline, and what appeared to be a nulled psycher. Contact was brief and there was little camaraderie to be had. He seemed preoccupied with other matters. He has assigned me to assist in an operation upon Wrath. I shall meet with the delegates of Moon Base Epislon Theta Prime and then embark upon an island assault upon the planet surface. After that I shall adjourn back to (Redacted) to retrieve a new assignment from Obsidian Lantern.

Canis Salient
System Wrath
Planet Wrath Moon Base Desg, Epsilon Theta Prime
Operation: Scourging Typhoon
Objective: Assist the 506th elites in the destruction of traitor forces upon Island Station Igmatus VII.

Wave Riders
The assault upon Igmatus VII has been successfully resolved. The Wave Riders of the 506th have allowed for rapid insertion of our forces. Once breached the resistance crumbled. The outpost had been declared to be filthy with Tau sympathizers, though little physical evidence could be found to justify this raid. It would be a pity if these imperial citizens died due to negligence on the part of an intelligence gathering.

I along with Commander Huntington debriefed Major Conrad who was in current command of the 506th. The Major seemed to share the mistrust and general wariness of everyone else in this accursed system. He was quite pleased to have me there and after Commander Huntington left Major Conrad was quite driven to find some infraction or misconduct he could pin on the Commander. His disappointment was physical and the man seemed to shrink when I offered him no such observations. After my debriefing I was dismissed and released back to (Redacted).

Break in the Quarantine
Obsidian Lantern has given me my next assignment. I am to break the quarantine surrounding the Arkalas Cluster and make planet fall upon Argoth. I have been tasked to retrieve technical data and the agent that has recovered it deep within hab block Cellion. We shall be going dark on this mission as General Order 169 requires approval of Lord Commander Ebongrave or an Inquisitor. While I shall do my duty the clandestine nature of this mission does not sit well with me. He has equipped me with a nonstandard ammunition for my weaponry. All bolt shells contain a termination trigger which will dissolve any evidence of the weapon’s use after impact. I shall also be accompanied by three of his acolytes, the scatarii, the assassin, and the woman (Redacted).

Dead City
We have touched down on Cellion. It is a testament to the ingenuity and foresight of the Mechanicus that despite this worlds unsustainable atmosphere this hive’s environmental shields can and still sustain life despite the lack of maintenance. There is most definitely signs of life within Hive City Cellion and judging by what I have seen we do not want to encounter them. The remnants of the population have fallen upon themselves and carved out a new form of existence, cannibals. Gnawed bones and depraved clan sigils mark the burrows and streets as we track the auspex signal through the hive. We have little time to accomplish this task before we miss the extraction point. The vessel we arrived in has significant stealth capabilities but nothing can remain hidden forever.

An old man and a hologram
We have rendezvoused with Obsidian lantern’s contact. An old ministratum priest and a holographic projection of a man who’s signal was still active even this deep within the hive. I understand now why he wished to have it.

Upon withdrawal to the extraction point we fell under attack by the inhabitants of the hive. It was as I suspected. Cannibals, mutants, and worse came at us in droves with the hopes of fresh meat. Their hopes were dash however when I unleashed upon their line. None of them pose a particular threat but they were relentless and every time we stopped to engage we lost precious time. At long last we made it to the drop zone where we held the site until extraction could arrive. During the battle I could not move aside from my mind the tragedy that had befallen these people. These people, once proud citizens of the Imperium doomed to become less then man. To be reduced to maddened creatures that fall upon their own dead and wounded like mindless beasts, driven only by hunger. I have faced the Kroot savages, the marauding ork and uniform Tau and in all my battles I have never witnessed something as discouraging as what man has done to itself in the name of foolish pride. May the Emperor forgive the souls of these broken ones.

An Old Foe
We narrowly escaped detection upon (Redacted) and returned to dock at Moon Station Epsilon Theta Prime. It was here that I received coms from Master of the Fleet Icarian Vrall. I was honored by his praise and in return for my good works. He offered respite in from my duties. A 1 month furlough back to my beloved homeworld of Tark. It was a tempting offer. Too long have I been away from my home, the initiates, and the great libraries of my birth world. But duty comes first. I respectfully declined his gracious offer. The agent, obsidian Lantern insisted that I take some time in his vast librarium however, in gratitude of the mission I completed. To be honored by two brothers for the same mission, I suspect what ever it was that we brought back holds more value than I anticipated. My duties would take me next to a planet on the far reaches of the Canis Salient. Here on the dusty red surface of Pelegius I would meet my old rivals, the Tau. And I would destroy them.

Knowledge Gained
Obsidian Lantern was to transport me to the planet of Peleguis but along the way I was offered the use of the my host’s personal librarium. The information within this depository of knowledge was staggering. I have never been privy to such a concentrated wealth of information in my life. The great libraries of Tark are a sight to be hold, there is no doubt, but this place, it is as if every book here held significance. It is hard to articulate my full meaning. I cannot say that I was discomforted by them but I can say I was missing a larger picture, a grand theme these tombs held in common. I had little time to delve into their pages so I started with the subject I was most deficient in, the eldar.

Canis Salient
System Peleguis – Peleguis III
Operation: Bastion of Fury
Objective: Destroy the Tau presence on Peleguis III

I rendezvoused with my Ice Talon brethren on the outskirts of the Peleguis system. It was a true joy to be reunited with my own again. There were many new faces but many of my former battle brothers as well. After much revelry together we made planet fall and immediately engaged a Tau encampment. Our force disposition comprised of 2 tactical squadrons, 1 assault squadron, 3 Land Speeders, a Typhoon, 1 Rhino, 1 Razorback, Brother Chaplain Arkaius, Tech Marine Tirius, A Thunderhawk transport, and the revered Hindale. Chaplian Arkaius commanded the operation and we brought our full strength to bear. The Tau provided little resistance becoming confident in their ability to outmaneuver the imperial forces currently garrisoned upon the planet. Hubris always leads to defeat.

An Elusive Prey
The planet of Peleguis II is a barren dust bowl of a world. It is rust red from east to west. The few native creatures are nomad, following the rolling brush that provides the only nourishment I have seen. It suits the Tau well. Since our initial encounter the enemy has gone to great lengths to avoid contact with our assault force. Attempting to lure us out with a tempting target while they send their forces to strike the imperial regiments. This has spread us thin working in units of 5 with little support. Our clashes have been unsatisfying, though it is what I have come to expect from the tau. We count the tau dead at 228 from our efforts. 170 of them resulting from our initial strike. Our enemy strength is estimated at being approximately 1000. To raise our enemy within our allotted time frame will be challenging.

Days and Weeks
The tau and our forces have been playing a delicate game of regicide for a month now. It is also reported that they have received numerous supplies and reinforcements. The Gladius Unseen Furry and its hunter class frigates have been successful in patrolling the space around Peleguis but without proper support from the Imperial navy there is only so much they can destroy.

I have outlined a plan that may work given our current strategic stagnation. My team had gone into hiding for a week at the research outpost Galli-Proxy II on the edge of the patrol zone. Judging by attack and withdrawal patterns it presented an opportune target for the tau forces should we attack in mass at their next feint. We obliged them and my plan worked. The station was assaulted by over 100 tau included a hammer head tank and crisis teams. The plan took no small amount of sacrifice and many imperial guardsmen gave the ultimate sacrifice to see it come to fruition. It made our vengeance all the more furious. We unleashed with the fury of the Emperor upon the fire warriors forcing them into their tactical dispersal. From outside of the outpost our revered brother Hindale destroyed their hammerhead before his las cannon’s energy signal could be detected. He along with the land speeders disabled their transports effectively grounding their troops. It was a brutal combat and 3 of my brothers will not be active for duty until they can be fitted with bionics. But in the end our patients and study of the foe made it possible to land a devastating blow to the Tau forces and the death of their 2nd in command.

A Visitor
I have been ordered to report to Chaplain Arkaius. While I know it is obviously important I must vent my frustration at being so close to another killing blow against our enemy only to be pulled away before I could enact our battle plan. To my surprise it was not Chaplain Arkaius who wished to speak with me. Nor was it any of the command staff. It was a man by the name of Interrogator Vesalius Halerman

Ian Kaldaros

Deathwatch: Suffer Not the Xenos to Live Gladiator