Khorin Geld


Captain Khorin Geld was a rising star in the ranks of the Nova marines. Successful in countless actions Geld was known to be a master swordsman and brilliant strategist. Like any space marine captain he could be found were the fighting was thickest hunting down the enemy leader for a decisive victory.

Captain Geld’s commanding leadership, inspiring example, and sound tactics found him in the company of the death watch.

Years into his watch the honorable captain suffered a crippling injury at the hands of the Dark Eldar. A warp toxin ravaged his body shredding his nervous system and destroying many organs. Not even his marine biology was a match for it.

Now the captain has the title Honorific and can be seen from time to time in the practice cages. Teaching others the way of the blade and yearning to once again take the battle to the enemy. Those days however seem unlikely given his physical condition.


Khorin Geld

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