No test of endurance is too great.


Height: 2.4m (7’10.49"); Weight: 789kg (1739.4 lbs)
Usually seen in his black, white, and silver MkVii power armour and proudly wearing the legendary MKiV Gauntlets of Xirion (regarded to have been worn by warriors in the furthest reaches of the Emperor’s Crusade).
Even without power armor, synth steel-skin plating covers his body giving it a metallic sheen. His mechanical right eye glows blue/green/purple/red depending on the intrinsic auger setting. Thin silver and black dreadlocks cover his head and tie into a mechadendrite extension beard.
Signature weapon: Missile launcher.


Iron Hands Land Raider multi-melta gunner. Specalist: Devastator with deadly precision from 7th Company. Oferred promotion…accepted rather the honor of a Deathwatch tour to purge weaknesses and to destroy foremost xenos threats in the Jericho reach.
Of a stoic but fervent demeanor.


Deathwatch: Suffer Not the Xenos to Live Warlock_Xanatos