Warden Lewpold Atraxis

Warden of Vathor Penal Colony


Warden Lewpold Atraxis is an overweight, middle aged senior Arbiter. He has been on command of the penal colony on Vathor since its creation almost a decade ago. Vathor is a quiet, out of the way world, but also a thoroughly unpleasant inhospitable world. As such, no one is quite sure if his assignment as Warden was a reward, allowing him a virtual retirement with a comfortable, easy job away from the daily grind of the Crusade, or if it was a punishment, banishing him to an isolated outpost where he will likely never receive another assignment.

As the highest ranking member of the Adeptus on the world, Atraxis is also the de facto Planetary Governor.


Warden Lewpold Atraxis

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