Deathwatch: Suffer Not the Xenos to Live

Gabriels Letter to the Sister Cannonness

To the Glorious and Righteous Sister Cannonness

I Gabriel of the Astarte Blood Angels, Most loyal of the Emperors Legions his Angels of Death, Sanguinary Guard Brother and Body Guard to his most esteem and holy Chapter Master write you of a great honor and bravery I witness upon the field of battle. I speak of a human woman known as Carmine, a member of the Imperial Guard (insert Bacanowa squad info) and her glorious action in battle. In combat Carmine faced one of the greatest bleakest foes of the Tyrannid Hive Mind, she battled with out fear a Lictor. This beast can fell a Battle Brother or a legion of imperial guards men. She single hardly tracked the beast through its layer of underground tunnels and engaged the beast in a brutal combat offering her life to the emperor till reinforcements and members of the Astarte could engage it. Through the great will of the emperor she survived the impossible, and earned my personal distinction for bravery.

Carmine is an accomplished healer, out pacing the skill of all her peers. With conversation she has expressed her love of the divine emperor and continue lust to do his service. She has become ecstatic with interest of the Sisters of your Order. I believe and make strong recommendation to accept her into your order, begin her training in your ways so this great woman may continue her service to her highest potential with your order. I know her skills in healing will be a boon, bravery in combat, unshakable will and love for the emperor will be of great service to you and our emperor. With great respect for your order, please consider inducting her to your ranks.

Glory to the Emperor,

Blood Angel, Sanguine – Gabriel.

Gabriels Log B

Aboard the Ship – Seeking solace, I sought out the deepest chambers in the ships hull, though peace will elude me even there. Battle Brothers took constant pains to engage with me in combat, violence, and challenges. No brother considers the skill, and focus required to maintain serenity of mind a tactical feat. While I attempted to teach a few select of the emperors finest the basics of tea, I suspect it would only be seen as trivial, or appeasement.

The White Scar and the Flesh Tearer. – The Captain is a Flesh Tearer, he is the only man on this voyage who will live as long as I or at least come near. Like him we will see a hundred brothers come and go before our time has passed, to live a millennium and more is a blessing many think. Few know that such a long life is a curse, as names become lost to time, memories faded and blurred. Words can only capture so many thoughts, art only so many feelings, though I practice to keep these as long as I could. The White Scar, I will strive to learn more of this Brother, his skill in battle is admirable and willingness to practice serenity higher then any other beside myself on the ship.

Deep into our void journey, I took notice our Human Psycier is taking pains to appear more common, normal or unnoticeable. She strives to hide her purity seals, or pysicer sanctioning marks. The very ribbons, and prayers designed to show her status, she attempts to hide from sight. Perhaps she believes this will give her advantage in dealing with others, she can surprise her victims of her talents, or make them less suspecting. I however knew this would weaken her defense against the demonic forces of the warp, though she will not hear of this. With regret I will be proven correct, as a demonic force attacked the ship. From all appearances the force entered the ship through a person, not through weakness of its shields. The hiding of her grand marks, hiding her faith in the emperor may have doomed us all. Though serenity of mind would prevail, as my Battle Brothers would seek combat, and the lust of the fight, I saw the monsters true goal. With makeshift shield in hand, I placed my body and arm between the demons fiery attack and the door to the sacred Astropath.

The experience of a Lictor – I begin my experience of the Lictor with an important note, the endless drive for hunger, the need to consume and there is no end to this. I compare it to the thirst some of my Blood brothers feel in the need for battle. Those who succumb to the black rage, lictors, fall to a similar endless, mindless hunger. A lictor wants to eat everything and anything, foliage preferred as it is easier to digest but devouring any organic material even some inorganic drives the endless feeding. In many ways attempting to sedate the hunger only drives it further. This leads me to believe that the whole of the Tyrannid hive mind is driven by this same desire and need.

Lictors, see the world far different then any other creature I have encountered, a ray of sensations that can only be described as artistic. The most striking memories of these senses was the ability to see sound and hear smells. Organics, could call out to the Lictor much like a dinner call. Pitch of these calls varied in frequency and tone based purely on what the creature desired to consume at the time.
Vathor III (Canis Jurisdiction)


DWTS: 012116


-LiiVi & Brevy engaged in ship defense and assault tactics
-I (Brother Ian) & Yegu engaged in multifaceted training exercises
-I & Bakunawa squad engaged in combat drills

Demonic Incursion
-Commander Nexus unlocked a new psychic attribute
-Malkiel & Van died in the line of duty
-Father Ezekiel critically Injured
-The demonic entity (which I correctly identified originally) was obliterated through melee assault

Deployment to Vathor III
-Commander Nexus and Bakunawa squad deploy to Camp Redemption
-Astartes deployed around the perimeter of the encampment on recon
-Commander Nexus interviews Warden Atraxis
-Commander Nexus redeploys to Camp Daybreak
-Commander Nexus interviews Commissar Able
-Astartes were recalled to Camp Redemption after finding no evidence of subterranean entrances or exits
-Internal Investigation of Camp Redemption proceeds with Astartes
-LiiVi and Brevy are sent to outpost 1 to assess
-Subterranean caverns found beneath Camp Daybreak
-Trooper Carmen Haung sent to investigate
-Contact with enemy in larger sub catacomb
-Gabriel and Bakunawa engage
-I engage the enemy and confirm Tyranid Lictor
-Gabriel detonates Melta bomb on Lictor
-Lance Trooper Pyong performs the killing blow with his last rocket
-Attempt to send astropathic message is thwarted as the astropath in Camp Daybreak was devoured by Tyranid Lictor
-I assume control of imperial guard forces
-I organize camp into defensive perimeter falling back to Camp Redemption
-Liivi and Brevy are recalled
-Liivi and Brevy break protocol and make a direct request to Agent Nexus
-10,000 years of protocol and tradition are broken at a whim of an Agent ignorant of the chain of command and a warrior who cannot control his emotions
-Gabriel has managed to track one of the Lictors out into the wild
-The camp is attacked by remaining Lictors in an attempt to route out the threats to their continued existence.
-Mars & Salander die in the line of duty
-Through brutal combat and the loss of many the remaining Lictors are eliminated.


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