Deathwatch: Suffer Not the Xenos to Live

Vathor III (Canis Jurisdiction)


DWTS: 012116


-LiiVi & Brevy engaged in ship defense and assault tactics
-I (Brother Ian) & Yegu engaged in multifaceted training exercises
-I & Bakunawa squad engaged in combat drills

Demonic Incursion
-Commander Nexus unlocked a new psychic attribute
-Malkiel & Van died in the line of duty
-Father Ezekiel critically Injured
-The demonic entity (which I correctly identified originally) was obliterated through melee assault

Deployment to Vathor III
-Commander Nexus and Bakunawa squad deploy to Camp Redemption
-Astartes deployed around the perimeter of the encampment on recon
-Commander Nexus interviews Warden Atraxis
-Commander Nexus redeploys to Camp Daybreak
-Commander Nexus interviews Commissar Able
-Astartes were recalled to Camp Redemption after finding no evidence of subterranean entrances or exits
-Internal Investigation of Camp Redemption proceeds with Astartes
-LiiVi and Brevy are sent to outpost 1 to assess
-Subterranean caverns found beneath Camp Daybreak
-Trooper Carmen Haung sent to investigate
-Contact with enemy in larger sub catacomb
-Gabriel and Bakunawa engage
-I engage the enemy and confirm Tyranid Lictor
-Gabriel detonates Melta bomb on Lictor
-Lance Trooper Pyong performs the killing blow with his last rocket
-Attempt to send astropathic message is thwarted as the astropath in Camp Daybreak was devoured by Tyranid Lictor
-I assume control of imperial guard forces
-I organize camp into defensive perimeter falling back to Camp Redemption
-Liivi and Brevy are recalled
-Liivi and Brevy break protocol and make a direct request to Agent Nexus
-10,000 years of protocol and tradition are broken at a whim of an Agent ignorant of the chain of command and a warrior who cannot control his emotions
-Gabriel has managed to track one of the Lictors out into the wild
-The camp is attacked by remaining Lictors in an attempt to route out the threats to their continued existence.
-Mars & Salander die in the line of duty
-Through brutal combat and the loss of many the remaining Lictors are eliminated.

Gabriels Log B

Aboard the Ship – Seeking solace, I sought out the deepest chambers in the ships hull, though peace will elude me even there. Battle Brothers took constant pains to engage with me in combat, violence, and challenges. No brother considers the skill, and focus required to maintain serenity of mind a tactical feat. While I attempted to teach a few select of the emperors finest the basics of tea, I suspect it would only be seen as trivial, or appeasement.

The White Scar and the Flesh Tearer. – The Captain is a Flesh Tearer, he is the only man on this voyage who will live as long as I or at least come near. Like him we will see a hundred brothers come and go before our time has passed, to live a millennium and more is a blessing many think. Few know that such a long life is a curse, as names become lost to time, memories faded and blurred. Words can only capture so many thoughts, art only so many feelings, though I practice to keep these as long as I could. The White Scar, I will strive to learn more of this Brother, his skill in battle is admirable and willingness to practice serenity higher then any other beside myself on the ship.

Deep into our void journey, I took notice our Human Psycier is taking pains to appear more common, normal or unnoticeable. She strives to hide her purity seals, or pysicer sanctioning marks. The very ribbons, and prayers designed to show her status, she attempts to hide from sight. Perhaps she believes this will give her advantage in dealing with others, she can surprise her victims of her talents, or make them less suspecting. I however knew this would weaken her defense against the demonic forces of the warp, though she will not hear of this. With regret I will be proven correct, as a demonic force attacked the ship. From all appearances the force entered the ship through a person, not through weakness of its shields. The hiding of her grand marks, hiding her faith in the emperor may have doomed us all. Though serenity of mind would prevail, as my Battle Brothers would seek combat, and the lust of the fight, I saw the monsters true goal. With makeshift shield in hand, I placed my body and arm between the demons fiery attack and the door to the sacred Astropath.

The experience of a Lictor – I begin my experience of the Lictor with an important note, the endless drive for hunger, the need to consume and there is no end to this. I compare it to the thirst some of my Blood brothers feel in the need for battle. Those who succumb to the black rage, lictors, fall to a similar endless, mindless hunger. A lictor wants to eat everything and anything, foliage preferred as it is easier to digest but devouring any organic material even some inorganic drives the endless feeding. In many ways attempting to sedate the hunger only drives it further. This leads me to believe that the whole of the Tyrannid hive mind is driven by this same desire and need.

Lictors, see the world far different then any other creature I have encountered, a ray of sensations that can only be described as artistic. The most striking memories of these senses was the ability to see sound and hear smells. Organics, could call out to the Lictor much like a dinner call. Pitch of these calls varied in frequency and tone based purely on what the creature desired to consume at the time.
Gabriels Letter to the Sister Cannonness

To the Glorious and Righteous Sister Cannonness

I Gabriel of the Astarte Blood Angels, Most loyal of the Emperors Legions his Angels of Death, Sanguinary Guard Brother and Body Guard to his most esteem and holy Chapter Master write you of a great honor and bravery I witness upon the field of battle. I speak of a human woman known as Carmine, a member of the Imperial Guard (insert Bacanowa squad info) and her glorious action in battle. In combat Carmine faced one of the greatest bleakest foes of the Tyrannid Hive Mind, she battled with out fear a Lictor. This beast can fell a Battle Brother or a legion of imperial guards men. She single hardly tracked the beast through its layer of underground tunnels and engaged the beast in a brutal combat offering her life to the emperor till reinforcements and members of the Astarte could engage it. Through the great will of the emperor she survived the impossible, and earned my personal distinction for bravery.

Carmine is an accomplished healer, out pacing the skill of all her peers. With conversation she has expressed her love of the divine emperor and continue lust to do his service. She has become ecstatic with interest of the Sisters of your Order. I believe and make strong recommendation to accept her into your order, begin her training in your ways so this great woman may continue her service to her highest potential with your order. I know her skills in healing will be a boon, bravery in combat, unshakable will and love for the emperor will be of great service to you and our emperor. With great respect for your order, please consider inducting her to your ranks.

Glory to the Emperor,

Blood Angel, Sanguine – Gabriel.

Mission 3
training, embarkation, and decoyed.

M41 1265.35.
Team cohesion exercises at DW Fortress result in a deeper understanding and clarification of command structures and communication protocols within the kill-team.
Team designation change request submitted.
The kill team embarks on a mission to retrieve a magos from Seraph141.
Upon real space re-entry we are intercepted by high authority Inquisitional agents carrying the seal of approval of DW High Command. (based on the scrutiny our team gave the orders I am pleased to see that we are not too trusting, yet see the lack of familiarity with high command seals as a weakness that should quickly be expunged)
I conceal my disappointment that I will not earn a further boon with the followers of the machine god when it becomes apparent that the mission parameters were a decoy to ensure total secrecy in our REAL mission:
Safeguard a ranking diplomat during his mission to the Tau empire and support kill team Occulus (incl. Black shield Librarian Epistolary Eustace) in their hunt for renegades and heretics.
We are taking advantage of ample stores in this flotilla to rearm and equip for the new mission parameters.

From the Archives of the Watchstations
Some pages with few, if any, links to them

The Wall of Honours can be found here.

Information on Baraban is sparse, but what we have is here.

Negotiations with the Xenos


We have been assigned to be the body guard of Imperial Diplomat Erwin Sire for our mission upon Seraph 131. It is distasteful to embark upon such a mission but it is our duty to ensure such an en endeavor is successful. It has been suggested that there will be elements that will attempt to prevent such successful negotiations. My suspicion is that who ever is against this it will not be the Tau. The Tau need all the time they can gain from these negotiations. Their race is doomed lest they find some ultimate weapon that can prevent their destruction. A cease fire is the only way to stall the hammer of the Imperium so breaking a delicate truce would be detrimental to their so called “greater good”. It is more likely the Stigmartus will attempt to reign chaos upon these proceedings.

Day four of the negotiations have begun. During a break between the two parties it would seem that Brother Brevy and Brother Gabriel have incited some insult according to the pict footage provided by brother Hecaton. In response I have been held accountable, as is protocol, for their actions and must engage in a duel with the Tau commander. While the contest itself will be a small matter I am vexed at the question it draws. There is quite simply no comparison that can be drawn between the skills and talents of an Astartes to that of a Tau warrior of any stripe. This contest brings forth that irrefutable fact to question. It reinforces the enemy committed to their agenda. It shows that an Astartes can be challenged on the field, and belies valuable information in regards to what we are capable of.

We are not here to show the enemy what we are capable of. We are here to see that negotiations are conducted peacefully. And while thankfully no repercussions have been felt by the actions of my brothers at this point we have failed on a more fundamental level. I will see to it that we report to Chaplain Drakaus upon arrival at Erioch.

I shall make available upon request the information spanning the entry above and below as I found it more prudent to bring attention to a rather troubling report.

Upon providing support to Brother Hestus, Brother LiiVi and Gabriel became engaged with, and terminated, one of the faithless traitor extemis. According to the report the traitor attacked Brother LiiVi from behind thinking him to be an easy target. Honored Gabriel immediately engaged while Brother LiiVi used his exceptional training to target the traitor when the opportunity arose. According to their report Brother Garbriel gave chase to the fleeing cowardinto the woods where he used his superior skill, grace, and his faith in the Emperor to remove the coward’s arm and run him through from behind. A fitting end to such filth. Let this be a reminder to all who would stand against the justice of the Emperor.

While this cowards death is to be celebrated it is quite vexing as well. The placement of a single Astartes, even one who has fallen so low, in the ranks of the enemy does not make sense. If there were to be only one then he would likely be some form of warlord and hence have the finest troops with him. We already know the Stigmarta forces are well armed and organized so to leave a high ranking asset such as an Astartes alone is contrary to reason. It is more likely that this asset was working along side others or sent as a lone agent to see a single task completed. What could that task be, where are the others and how many of them are there are the questions that now concern me.

Unfortunately the negotiations are to continue for another 2 days and until this is done I am whole preoccupied with the defense of this council. It has been reported that an attack is inbound by Brother Hecaton and Agent Nexus. I must make ready the defenses for this facility.

As I expected the the Stigmarta forces were involved with the Traitor legions of the Night Lords. Movement was detected north of our position at the presumed abandoned Stigmarta camp and thus Honored Brother Gabriel and Apothecary Brevy advanced upon their position. The recon mission turned to a full out assault and back up was required. I chose to relocate Agent Nexus, Bacunawa squad, and Brother Hecaton.

During this battle the Night Lords took the opportunity to attack my position in hopes of destroying the negotiations. I requested the aid of Brother Epistolary Eustice and with his help was able to fully engage allowing me to destroy two of the Night Lords. I must commend the actions of Brother Eustice and have quickly found that despite the Battle Brothers clouded past, I would be honored to fight along side this honored brother.

While the attack from the Night Lords that I engaged was viscous my knowledge in the Codex, faith in the Emperor, and duty to the Imperium held firm. I was able to remain calm and clear headed, using my cryo grenades to eliminate the 1st traitor that I had nearly ended with my opening salvo, and at the same time, weaken the other traitor. My Tark blood line allowed me to weather the cryogenic effects of the grenade and continue to battle the traitor. In the end, the coward attempted to kill The Plenipotentiary Designate while fleeing. I intercepted the traitor’s rounds with my body and exchanged them in kind, detonating his knee, hip, heart, and shoulder. His ruin found the rampart before exploding in a ball of fire.

After securing the site I incinerated the bodies and belongings of the traitors as is protocol. My company arrived shortly after with Elak Sarda captured after some insult to Brother Eustus’ honor. It will be noted that Agent Nexus has been both easier and more difficult to deal with on this mission. I will speak to her at a later time to temper this inconstancy and continue to build team unity.

The Divinations and Auguries of Agent Nexus
Can't you look into the future? -- It doesn't work like that.

Augury on the Towering Herald Light Cruiser, before warp translation to Seraph III

Subject: LiVii

Question: “What challenges to our mission do we face in regards to Team Occulus?”

- A vision of a swamp full of indistinguishable corpses with Brother LiVii in the midst. There are tracer lines of a light, ethereal quality leading to impressions and images of team members, afar. A shadow descends on a nearby clearing as team Occulus advances forward with a line of black fog billowing behind them. A swarm of bats burst upwards from the swamp and surround LiVii.

- Team Occulus is indicated as a hindrance along with the black fog following them. The bats are LiVii’s doom…but the trace lines to his team are his greatest advantage.

- “The black rain will foretell the arrival of the enemy”

Augury on the Towering Herald Light Cruiser, before warp translation to Seraph III

Subject: Ian Kaldaros


Augury on the Eternal Vigilance Friggit, before warp jump

Subject: Althea Nexus

Question: “What dangers will be faced on the long warp journey to the Iron Collar?”

- A great obstacle will be cloaked figures meeting. Covert operations….

- There is a vision of a flaming “I” symbol. A likeness to the symbol of the Inquisition. There is also a general feeling and concept translated as “An impatience to act”.

- A boon and advantage revealed is the image of a black clad Space Marine Librarian with a black shield sigil.

Augury on the Eternal Vigilance Friggit, before warp jump

Subject: Captain of the Eternal Vigilance, Red Hunter Chapter

Question: “What is the fate of my ship on this journey?”

- A foreboding feeling regarding the ship’s fate involves the image of an Imperial Commander with a retinue of all black clad soldiers.

- Challenges to the ship’s void travel later in the journey brings up an image of a Tao Commander with Crisis suits and Fire Caste warriors. Brevi and Gabriel also appeared as challenges to the journey.

- A boon and advantage to this ship brought up the image of an older man, finely attired and of great stature. He has a finely trimmed mustache and beard and is pouring over dataslates.

Augury on Baraband, in the dark field

Subject: Ian Kaldaros

Question: “What challenges will we face ahead on this mission?”

- An image of a Tao Commander sitting across a chessboard from Ian Kaldaros. A matching of movements.

- A sequence of a group of Tao guards fighting in retreat from a group of frenzied Kroot. They were protecting an Ethereal who was transporting a cut slab from one of the black arches.

- “Trust yourself to know when a friend is an enemy and an enemy is a friend.”

Brother Hekatonkheires Relates Recent Events in Mission Three

Hekatonkheires’ Mission Journal 1:

19:51:14.797 configd[1708]: vox changed: ms4(hg0:14.999.1.776.885.97331) ms6(hg0+:Aa801::96:3ytp:Aa0c:8862v) MSA! Proxy SDVB
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19:51:16.405 Drive[4]: Filesystem 512-blocks Used Available Capacity tlused tlfree tlused Mounted on
19:51:16.405 Drive[4]: /log/crystal0s2 4885555736 2720144 21762339442 56
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19:51:16.416 Drive[4]: Filesystem 512-blocks Used Available Capacity tlused tlfree tlused Mounted on
19:51:16.417 Drive[4]: /log/crystal1s1 9418 5735 8839992 7
715 11049 6% /Volumes/Heavy Bolter DC Installer
19:51:16.425 Drive[4]: Filesystem 512-blocks Used Available Capacity tlused tlfree tlused Mounted on
19:51:16.425 Drive[4]: /log/crystal3s2 37666684 37666684 0 100
962371 0 100% /Volumes/Deathwatch
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19:57:01.679 coreservicesd[604]:
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19:58:22.477 MSServer[42]: Check-in to the service
19:58:35.976 login[25]: USER_PROCESS: 1000007 afk000
19:58:46.517 login[25]: DEAD_PROCESS: 1000007 afk000


Seraph 131
Negotiations concluded

We faced the remnants of the Stigmartus cultists and obliterated them. The final blow was hollow as Nexus alerted us to the foul heresy that was in process: a ritual to we-know-not what end… to avoid playing into the enemy’s hands we apprehended the leader and after much questioning and debate finally submitted him to the custody of Brother Epistolary Eustace and his black priests.
Meanwhile the feint was complete and four VIIIth traitorous scum legionnaires struck at the facility to destroy the Plenipotentiary and the negotiation process. Brother Ian did his duty valiantly: the Plenipotentiary lived to conclude the diplomatic process and two of the scum traitors were destroyed. The two others escaped to lick their wounds and likely report their failures to whomever might be their master..
Inasmuch as we have maintained secrecy from other Imperial bodies it seems that these heretics and traitors knew of the site before our arrival or they could not have traveled there so quickly, particularly with the limited tech they were using.
After negotiations concluded and we parted ways with the xenos diplomatic force, we returned to the Towering Herald and enjoy a blessedly quiet journey back to the Watch Fortress.


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