Watch Commander Valefor

Current Master of the Vigil at Erioch


Watch Commander Valefor, of the Consecrators, has been Master of the Vigil for 6 years. In this time his efforts have been focused on rebuilding Deathwatch forces after horrific losses to the Ork invasion of the Iron Collar. He has also forged a very close working relationship with the Inquisitor of the Chamber, Inquisitor Tiresias.

Like much of the rest of his chapter, Valefor’s personal history is something of an unknown. He came to the Deathwatch for the first time almost 50 years ago, and has served three previous Vigils, having been elevated to Watch Captain on his third vigil, and Watch Commander on his fourth.

The Watch Commander’s tenure has been seen as a success so far, having managed to make several successful recruitment efforts from chapters who have not previously pledged much support to the Deathwatch, while also reaffirming ties with older allies. His tactical acumen is believed to have held the Tau at bay in several systems while allowing Imperial forces to regroup, significantly slowing the Tyranid advance into the Orpheus Salient, and doing a thorough cleansing of the Iron Collar of as much of the Ork infestation as possible, along with many other more obscure (though not less important) victories.


Watch Commander Valefor

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