Bakunawa Squad

Of the 5th Platoon, 3rd Company, Threnos 3rd.

Like most of the Threnos 3rd, the soldiers of Bakunawa squad do not abandon their empty exterminator cartridges after expelling the singular fuel-load.

Bakunawa squad is named for a serpent creature out of Old Earth legend that swallows moons and men.

As of XXXXXXX.M41, the focus of the squad has been changed from Airborne Assault Special Operations to Heavy Weapons Long Range Penetration. The close quarters shotguns have been removed from the squad and been replaced with arms fitting this role.

The squad has been equipped with magnoculars, an M41 Multi-laser, and a missile launcher with krak ammunition.

Duty Roster
Active Inactive Tears of the Emperor
Chandrika-Ching, Sabine Gunnel, Dirch Catrine, Atticus
Diavolum, Urban Van
Ezekiel Dencik, Salander
Huang, Carmen Mars
Matteus, Levi Malchiel
Pyong, Kham

Bakunawa Squad

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