Threnos 3rd

Though their official name is the Threnos 3rd, they are called the “Star-Crossed”, by other Guardsmen. Their home planet Threnos is a Dead World that cannot reasonably sustain human life without massive amounts of imported resources (including breathable air and any type of food). Perhaps the Threnos 3rd were to be trained to become an elite regiment, but their past is lost. The Threnos 3rd practice exclusively in Imperial Guard Flak Armour, rebreathers, photo-visors, and grav-chutes. They cut an impressive figure swathed in black armour and cloaks, their faces invisible beneath their gear and their hoods.

They are most likely the last regiment (as well as one of the first) to be recruited from Threnos and the Guardsmen may have lived through the Apocalypse. The fact that they were recruited into the Guard at all is probably due to the slow-moving bureaucracy of the Administratum: The order to recruit them was seemingly sent out before the Munitorium was made aware of the conditions on Threnos, as they had expected to recruit thousands from a life-giving planet.

There is so much lack of certainty because the records have been lost and the memories of the Threnos 3rd have been tainted while the entire regiment was lost in the Warp for hundreds of years. They arrived at a battlefield whose war had been finished long ago to fight an enemy that no longer existed. The Imperial Guard and the Departmento Munitorium were unsure what to do with them, until an orthodox Inquisitor asked for troops from the Guard. It seemed a perfect fit, Inquisitors are often willing to overlook idiosyncrasies that would have other men reaching for a stubber and the Threnos 3rd are very pious, filled with preachers, confessors, and penitents of the Ministorum. Faith is almost all they have left.

The Threnos 3rd are used to scraping hard ground just to survive and have developed a philosophy of grim bootstrapping. One member of a squad collects the empty cartridges in a blessed satchel marked with holy symbols of flame and of the Ecclesiarchy. He takes the satchel to reclaimators and hard scrabble tech-adepts or if he is lucky, he finds one the few tech-priests who has the time to administer to the satchel and the exterminators are refilled with Imperial promethium. Most of the time, one of the former concocts a home-brewed propellant with jury-rigged chemicals and this is what fills the guns of the Threnos 3rd.

Like nearly every other member of the Imperial Guard in the Jericho Reach, the Threnos 3rd believe they are deep in the Halo Stars of the Calixis sector fighting in the Margin Crusade. It is unlikely that Patience Ixion suffers from this prevarication, as she is the acting regiment commander and originally hails from the Inquisition, not Threnos.

Standard Kit
Idumea-pattern Lascarbine
4 charge packs
Exterminator cartridge
Melee attachment
Imperial Guard flak
2 frag grenades
2 smoke grenades
Poor Weather Gear
Rucksack or sling bag
Basic Tools
Mess kit and canteen
Sleeping bag and blanket
Lamp pack
Grooming kit
Electoo dog tags
Instructional Primer
Two weeks of rations
2 clips
Clip/drop harness
Photo visor
Purity seals
Strike anywhere flamesticks

Known Squads

Threnos 3rd

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